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Theatrium 2, ArtEZ, Onderlangs 9,Arnhem, 6812 CE The Netherlands


“A seat for one person that has a back, usually four legs, and sometimes two arms.” (Cambridge Dictionary) 

          Is that what first comes to your mind when you think about a chair? Let’s take the most ordinary thing and look at it closely, very closely. Would it make you look at it differently? Would you be able to look at a chair and see more than what you initially thought it was?

         In The Chair Festival, we invite you to deconstruct the common perception of a chair as a functional artifact. Focusing on the presumably simple theme of a chair, our approach is to allow for the multiplicity of voices and to generate a space for exploring alternative perspectives. 

          Can a chair exceed its artifact functionality? What kind of relationship can be constituted between the human body and the materiality of a chair? How can we intensify our sensorial experience of a chair? What are the social, cultural and political implications of a chair? Can a chair be radical? Can it be a failure? What would a utopian chair look like? How would you represent a chair without a chair? Can we think of a chair beyond the anthropocentric perception? Can we try to experience the world from a chair’s mindset? These, and more, are the questions we invite artists to explore at our festival.

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